The cost of living is increasing. How can you hedge against inflation?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that inflation is high. The inflation rate is a little over 8%, which is the highest we’ve seen in over four years. What does this mean for you, and how can you hedge against inflation? Today I’m dissecting our current inflation situation and explaining what you can do about it. 

You can hear our full discussion in the video above or skip to each topic using the timestamps provided:

  • 0:00 — Introduction  
  • 0:43 — Why hard assets are so valuable when inflation is high  
  • 2:01 — An example showing why homeownership protects against inflation  
  • 3:18 — Why mailbox money is so great  
  • 4:20 — Why it’s better to own a home than rent  
  • 5:24 — Rents are increasing across the country  
  • 6:12 — The risk of renting instead of buying  
  • 7:17 — Wrapping up today’s topic

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