A recession may be coming, but this doesn’t mean real estate is also headed for a crash. Let’s discuss why this is the case today.

There is a general consensus that we’re headed for a recession, but will this economic slowdown impact our real estate market?

Simply put, no. Only one of the last five recessions was coupled with a significant housing market crash, and, in that case, the relationship between these events was simply correlative—not causal. 

“We aren’t in for a repeat of 2008 any time soon.”

When you consider this in conjunction with the fact that approximately 56% of American homeowners now have more than 50% equity in their homes, it’s clear that we aren’t in for a repeat of 2008 any time soon. 

Homeowners are spending their equity more wisely these days, and lending standards have become more strict. There is truly no cause for panic.

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