Buying low and selling high is a great strategy in real estate.

The strategy of buying low and selling high works with stocks, collectibles, and real estate. Today I’m sharing three tips for buyers and three tips for sellers to help everyone buy low and sell high in real estate.

Three tips for homebuyers:

1. Buy in an undervalued neighborhood. Eventually, those homes will become highly desirable, and you’ll have bought them when they weren’t valued as much.

2. Consider cosmetic repairs. Some day you’ll see the return on investment from those improvements, and in the meantime, the things you enhanced will be to your taste.

3. Don’t wait any longer. Prices won’t decrease, so now is the time to buy. 

“Buying low and selling high is the best way to win in real estate.”

Three tips for home sellers:

1. Cash out now. Prices are high, so now is the time to sell.

2. Take emotion out of it. It’s difficult to do, but if you can sell unemotionally while you’re ahead, you may be able to move into a house at a higher price point or in a nicer neighborhood. 

3. Work with a professional agent. Working with a licensed, professional real estate agent will ensure you get a proper home evaluation and help you fully understand all the numbers. 

Buying a property at a lower price and then selling later for a higher price is the best way to win in real estate. If you have questions about buying low and selling high or any other real estate-related matter, call or email us. We would love to help you.