Recently, I appeared on the “Real Estate Rundown” show with Bill Griffith to talk about home affordability and mortgages.

What’s happening with mortgages? How much can a person afford when they want to buy a house?

To determine how much you can afford when getting qualified for a loan, we look at two factors: How much you can personally afford, and your monthly payment limit. Clients will often use those numbers to decide how much they can afford by comparing them to what they currently pay in rent. We’ll also look at how much you have available to put down; after combining these factors, we can usually come up with a loan product that you’ll qualify for and which will hopefully match your monthly payment goals.

“With VA loans, now you can get up to $1 million with zero down as long as you qualify.”

After looking at your qualifications, income, assets, and credit, we’ll then take that and determine which loan product fits you best. We’ll even spell out the pros and cons of each one to help you make a better decision.

There have been a few changes that are relevant to the discussion of which loans are the best fit. The VA loan, for example, changed their maximum spending limit with zero money down this year. In 2019, the maximum lending limit with zero down in San Diego was $690,000; now you can get up to $1 million with zero down as long as you qualify.

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