Today I’m spotlighting one of my favorite restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood: Civico 1845. I ate here recently, and I must say, the food blew my mind! Best of all, they have an entire menu dedicated to vegans.

Zio Vincenzo opened Civico 1845 in June of 2015, and has been serving customers from all over the country ever since then. He says that it’s been busy since the day they opened and hasn’t slowed down yet.

As someone that grew up with authentic Italian food, I must say that I’m very picky when it comes to what I like. However, the food at Civico 1845 totally blew me away.

Zio Vincenzo says that what sets his restaurant’s food apart is the fact that everything they make is fresh. The pasta is made from scratch and even the fish is delivered fresh every week. I’ve also noticed that the menu is written in perfect Italian, a rarity even at most other Italian restaurants!

Keep an eye out for part two of our series featuring Civico 1845, where I’ll be talking to Chef Pietro, part-owner of the restaurant and the chef for the vegan menu.

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